Rendered background-image of a living room

Test render of a new project

The current project that I'm working on is this diningroom/kitchen scene. I want to add some more detail-models into the scene because it's a bit empty, especially on the tables. But the overall lighting and materials are pretty solid right now. I'm not sure if I want to keep the floor, maybe get a more modern and less worn texture. However, the floor gives the room some character that i like. 

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Old living room scene

An older living room scene I made, the first one after the pink bed room.


Living room scene

My second most reason scene, this is the scene I'm content with and my best work so far in my opinion. I based this off another render, or a very pristine picture. The sofa, magazine and stressless and plants are not made by me, but the rest is all my models. 


Bedroom scene

This is one of my recent projects that I made as another practice of my interior lighting and rendering skills. 

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